Everywhere Ventures

What started as a modest, New York-focused side project, pooling founder and operator capital, has turned into a global operation with over $50 million deployed into over 300 portfolio companies. While New York was our starting point, we quickly felt the pull of founder communities elsewhere — London, LA, Denver, Chicago, Austin, and Sydney where the concept of The Fund really seemed to resonate. So in 2020, we left the comfort of NYC to build a global firm rooted in our belief that world-changing companies are being built everywhere.

While we started local, we are officially going global, meeting founders wherever they are. While we are still a fund made up of founders and operators, we are evolving our brand to reflect our ambitions to someday be investing EVERYWHERE.

Everywhere Ventures leans into our global footprint and our new $25M fund will invest globally at pre-seed around the world. Our origins, The Fund, has been a labor of love over the past five years and none of it is going away; rather, we’re doubling down on our community and taking it outside the lines we’d created for ourselves. We couldn’t be more excited to continue this journey with The Fund family. 

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Everywhere is a global pre-seed venture capital fund for founders, by founders.


Community-driven venture capital.